Why recycled paper? Doesn’t that affect the quality?

Can recycled paper look amazing, feel amazing and really be vastly better for the environment than cut-down-tree paper? 

The answers, we're delighted to say are Yes, Yes and Yes.

The perception of recycled paper – even our own perception at first – was one of a lower quality, flimsy, grey material. The sort government institutions send you boring letters on.

More out of hope than belief, we asked our printing partner if recycled paper was a possibility and they assured us that modern advances in technology make the paper such high quality that we wouldn’t even notice the difference.

We were sceptical.

But, wow, it is, as we put on our website absurdly high quality and you would not notice any difference to a non-recycled paper.

So, the pleasingly simple answer is:
No, it doesn’t negatively affect the quality in any way. It does,. however, positively affect the satisfaction of us and our customers to know that no trees were harmed in the production of our books.

In a world where every tree left standing is another pillar in the battle to leave a better planet for our children to inherit, this means a great deal to us. 

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