Why isn't my secret message in the book?

Don't panic, this is perfectly normal! 

The secret message you create needs to be found by our little one first. 

As your little one goes through each country, they'll find a hidden number on every page. Once they find all the numbers, they can write them in the back of their book and then go to www.librio.com/treasure

After entering their code on our website, your secret message will be revealed to them. They (or a grown-up) can then print the message, cut it out and paste it into the dedication area of the book (we've designed it so that it fits perfectly). 

We wanted to make the dedication extra special and combine a search-and-find book with a treasure hunt, giving extra an extra significance to the dedication, as the child interacts with it more deeply. 

Also, which child doesn't love a bit of cutting and pasting?

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